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We just wanted to thank you for the DVDs I picked up yesterday. We spent a evening laughing at ourselves and also learnt a great deal of...how not to do filming... I have a lot of lessons to learn, however, that aside, many memories were brought back, of us living now, and unfortunately those who have passed away, but still joyous to watch. Many thanks again, lovely job done. Best wishes, Margaret Workman, Aylesbury
Like most people I have piles and piles of VHS videos slowly deteriorating in quality and never being watched.  I have always been put off getting them converted onto DVD because of the enormous cost involved, and often because they would have to be trusted to the postal system – a very scary prospect!  Then I saw an advert for Wendover Multimedia in my parish magazine.  The fact that the company is local and the price is very reasonable (especially important when you have dozens of tapes to be converted!) encouraged me to make contact.  I was not disappointed.  The service is fast, personal and efficient and the resulting DVD’s a great pleasure to watch.  I have used the company several times, and will continue to do so for a long time as I continue to get my videos converted.
Mrs Brunt

"Richard's service was first rate.  He responded promptly to my queries and transferred my videos to DVD's quickly and for a very a reasonable price.  I would not hesitate to use him again." Julia, Wendover

"I was greatly impressed by the speed, quality and technical know-how at a sensible price when dealing with multiple copies of old and valued audio and video tapes" TY, Bucks

"Being reluctant to post 10 years of precious memories to a large company we talked in great depth to Wendover Multimedia who were very professional and friendly and supplied us with exactly the requirements needed. 
The video transfers were fast , efficient and well organised, having batches of DVDs delivered of perfect quality at a very good price.  The children are now spellbound by DVDs of their childhood and we have sent a few off to people who featured in them with great delight.  We were very impressed with the service and have since encouraged our friends and family to do the same to ensure many years of pleasure in the future for all concerned. Many thanks to Wendover Multimedia for such a superb job. We could not have asked for anything more from you." Daneen, Butlers Cross

"Thanks so much. I've tested the disc and am delighted with the quality. Truly one of the best VHS
transfers I've ever seen."  Chris, Leeds 

"The disc arrived this morning, copied perfectly and looks great. Many thanks!" Chris, Leeds

Many thanks for the video transfers to DVD which arrived a couple of days 
ago - I have watched several and they are excellent quality. Thanks for the 
prompt service, I shall certainly tell my friends and family where to go to 
for transferring old video to disks at very reasonable cost and with good 
service.Regards, Jeff Wallder, Worcester Park